Digital Technology in Dentistry

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Digital Technology in Dentistry

In recent years many areas of health services have been embracing new technology, such as digital check-ins in doctors’ surgeries.

Of course, when adopting such technologies there will always be a transitionary period, which poses the question – if UK dentists start to make advancements in the tech world, for example adopting scanners and digital impressions, how long will it take before they start to see the benefits?

In a world full of digital transformation, it would be naïve to deny that the dental industry must make these advancements, particularly as the costs of such technologies is reducing. There is the potential to cut down treatment times, increase the quality of the treatment, reduce costs, and many more benefits. As recent studies have found that the industry is failing in terms of NHS patients, could digital transformation be the answer?

The article below discusses the industry’s advancements so far, where it could develop further, and provides information on an upcoming event exploring the digital side of the dental world.

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